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Lima’s City Law Director Argues Before Supreme Court

2867091694_05930496d7_mTony Geiger, Lima’s City Law Director will hope that Ohio’s Supreme Court sides with him. He hopes that they will uphold a law requiring new hires to live within the city. Smart economics because it enables the city to recoup taxes on the income and boost local business from their income.

Will the State trump the local laws? Should they? Whatever side you may be on the decision process is beginning.

COLUMBUS – Deciding whether a city’s employees should live in the city is best left to local government and not the state, Lima’s Law Director Tony Geiger argued Tuesday before the Ohio Supreme Court.

Geiger was trying to persuade the state’s highest court to side with the city of Lima, as well as numerous other cities across Ohio, in saying local government can force its employees to live in the city as a condition of employment.

A state attorney argued the decision is best left up to the state.

In Lima, the ordinance enacted in 2000 requires new hires to live inside the city or move into the city shortly after being hired, typically within a year. Any employees hired prior to that are not required to live in Lima.

The case landed before the high court when the state appealed a ruling by the 3rd District Court of Appeals in December 2007 that sided with the city of Lima. Other similar cases are pending across the state, and Akron will argue its case with the high court immediately after Lima.

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