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Ford, Grobe Cuts Affect Allen County

Lower revenue is bringing the County and other business in the area to make some large cuts. It started with news about Lima Engine plant and Grobe and rumblings about the County raising sales tax though the article didn’t find anyone committing to that idea.

Since then there are been a lost of revenue from investments and extra money spent to keep the jail open to save money. With a budget vote soon it appears cuts will appear in all of the following areas in the county according to the local news articles. Not all of them are related to the budget vote.

Library – $221,000 in cuts
Sheriff’s office – 21% cuts
County Airport – $85,000
Civic Center – County cut their payment for utilities (about $350,000)

It doesn’t appear that it will improve much for any county in Ohio. It will be a very tight year unless something in the economy locally turns around and that includes the entire State.

-70 workers at the Lima Engine Plant received notice they would be laid off indefinably.

The layoffs around the region Friday didn’t end there.

Grob Systems Inc. in Bluffton announced it was laying off 38 employees, effective Friday. The company manufactures machine tool equipment, primarily for the automobile industry.

Dave Rabe, president of United Auto Workers Local 1219 at the Lima Engine Plant, said Friday the 70 employees, some with 8 to 10 years on the job, were laid off as part of the company’s efforts to scale back in the face of a drying economy and huge company-wide losses.

“It did become official. It’s effective as of today,” Rabe said.

The company has also scheduled a two-week shutdown for February which will include most of the 730 employees at the plant, Rabe confirmed earlier.

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