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Strickland Closes LCI Prison Hopes

The population of prisoners is booming and after Taft closed the prison for political reasons the new Governor Strickland refused to reopen it. Strickland is on a roll… Ohio has few jobs, finances are really tight (despite Marc Dan’s expenditures) and you can already hear the call for more taxes and /or casino gambling as the magical cure all for the state. Yes. This talk of tough finances is leading to something and with him you can count on it NOT BEING tax cuts. Why not eliminate the cat tax…. lower the sales tax and spur the econnomy on toward recovery? Seems as if Strickland isn’t all that different from Taft.

LIMA — Lima Correctional Institution won’t open any time soon, Gov. Ted Strickland said this week.

Strickland, asked about a report detailing a projected prison population increase, said reopening LCI is not an option.

“This is a serious problem that we have in Ohio. I’ve got some ideas regarding some things that may be done to help alleviate the situation but … I have not been talking about or planning for the reopening,” Strickland said this week, according to Gongwer News Service.

Strickland said he won’t pursue “that particular course of action” of LCI when addressing prison overcrowding.

The governor is “seriously considering” reopening LCI in some fashion in the long-term, but Ohio’s tight finances do not allow for it in the next two-year budget Strickland will propose in March, Strickland spokesman Keith Dailey said.

Maybe someone call tell me where Ohio’s limited resources are going and why the budget is going to be so tight. Something tells me it will only get worse if we get the “quality” education amendment passed.

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