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Preacher Crosses Political Line – But Whose Line

Those religious political moonbats. No, not the preacher who invited candidates to church. The ones 31 coalition of liberal religious moonbats.

Russell Johnson, pastor of Lancaster’s Fairfield Christian Church, lashed out on Tuesday against a coalition of 31 other Columbus-area religious leaders who filed an amended Internal Revenue Service complaint against Johnson and another pastor, Rod Parsley, last week.

“They were concerned about having the folks coming to our events that are running for public office. We were asking them to come to our events before they were ever candidates for public office,” Johnson said.

I wonder where these 31 were when the Dems touted their liberal spew from the pulpit and at funerals. What hypocrites.

“The IRS says that you cannot endorse a candidate. There has never been a time on a Sunday morning where we have set up and said, ‘Vote for this person,’ or, ‘Take up an offering. We’re going to help this person with their campaign funds,’” Johnson said.

If it really comes down to it… just drop the 501 tax exemption and stop worrying about the IRS rules that go along with it. It isn’t anything more than the liberal wing of the church trying to silence conservative Christians from being involved.

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