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Banning Infant Killing in South Dakota

Even though we do a lot of work in order to get the word out about our passions and culture, we take some breaks from time to time and play online slots.

Lets call it like we see it. Pro-choice is the ability of the mother to choice to kill an infant still in her womb. Well, hopes are high for the 30 plus year old battle since the lie of Roe vs Wade became the liberals way to sock it to the helpless millions killed.

Yesterday it was reported that the S.D. Senate passed the bill banning abortions.

The bill, designed to spark a courtroom showdown over the legality of abortion, passed 23-12 Wednesday. On Thursday, it was headed back to the House, where lawmakers already approved similar legislation.

Republican Gov. Mike Rounds, a longtime abortion opponent, has said he would “look favorably” on an abortion ban if it would “save life.”

Captain’s Quarters finds it surprising how unpopular abortion has become considering how many terms Tom Daschle was elected to the US Senate (remember him?).

GOP Bloggers writes about this and gets it correct. Something I expect my liberal friends will nearly have a fit over. Ok… skip the word ‘nearly’.

What we have here is a State legislature making rules for abortion – and the Constitution of the United States is silent, and therefore should play no part in this decision unless Congress acts. What we want is not a judicially enforced ban on abortion – that would be as much a Constitutional abomination as Roe – but, simply, the restoration of the rights of the States, or the people, to decide what restrictions, if any, shall be placed on the practice of abortion.

Of course we know where it all is headed. To the Supreme Court where liberals once could over-rule legislation and he will of the states on a subject the Constitution is silent. I don’t expect the liberals to be silent as they could very well see how supra-precedent Roe vs Wade is.

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