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Abortion-Ultrasound Bill, Heads to Governor Strickland

August 28, 2008 |

Our State Sen. Keith Faber supports and with good reason. It is on the way for the Governor to sign. Let’s see how he responds (being a minister and all) to giving the mother an opportunity to actually see the movement of her baby before “choosing” to have the baby terminated.
Columbus, OH ( — The Ohio Senate approved a pro-life bill that would require abortion practitioners to give women the option of seeing an ultrasound of their developing baby. The measure now heads to Governor Ted Strickland and a leading pro-life group is asking for people to call the governor and urge him to sign it.

When used in pregnancy centers, ultrasounds persuade large majorities of women not to have an abortion. Lawmakers hope requiring abortion practitioners to do them will help reduce abortions further.

The Ohio House approved the Ultrasound Viewing Option Bill, H.B. 314, in December on a 73-20 margin.

On Thursday, the Senate followed suit by approving the bill 24 to 8 and now it goes to Governor Strickland, who is a longtime abortion advocate.

Ohio Right to Life is asking for pro-life advocates to call the governor and urge him to sign the bill into law.

“Tell the Governor that, just as patients are often shown x-rays before surgery, ultrasounds provide scientifically accurate information that women should have an opportunity to view in order to make a more informed decision,” the group said in an action alert.

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