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Elida Staff Sgt. Jason Burkholder killed in Afghanistan

September 23, 2002 |

Allen County’s finest paid the ultimate price. Staff Sgt. Jason Burkholder is the third killed from Elida in Allen County Ohio. He leaves behind a new wife who will sorely miss her new husband.

There are no words which can best express our thanks for his service nor console his family and friends.

ELIDA – The message on a local soldier’s Facebook message board was simple – “Freaking out.” It was the first response of a newlywed wife who just learned her husband was never coming home.

The message was posted shortly after noon on Sunday on the Facebook page for Staff Sgt. Jason E. Burkholder, 27, a 2000 graduate of Elida High School. Burkholder died Sunday alongside another soldier of the Illinois Army National Guard in Helmand, Afghanistan, when a bomb they were near detonated, the military said in a news release.

Several hours later, Burkholder’s widow, Amanda, posted another message to her late husband’s profile. The couple married in November before he left for Afghanistan.

“It can’t be true. You can’t be gone,” Amanda Burkholder wrote. “We have so much left to do. I need you. I know you are in Heaven looking over me and my heart will always be with you. You are my one true love and always will be. I will never let you go.”

Burkholder, a resident of Marshall, Ill., enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps in January 2000. After completing his obligation to the Marines four years later, he enlisted in the Ohio Army National Guard in December 2004. He transferred to the Illinois Army National Guard in April.

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